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 Ideas To Increase Attendance At U of M Athletics

1.       Lower ticket prices across the board in all revenue driving sports. Currently the average family of 4 needs a small loan just to be able to attend. Very sad. The overall goal should be to sell merchandise and food inside the venue, not the actual tickets themselves.

2.       All U of M athletic events should offer $1 fountain drinks. The syrup (sounds gross when you think about it) is rather inexpensive, especially when purchased in large amounts. While we are at it, hot dogs and popcorn should only be $2.

3.       Win consistently. What a novel concept, huh? Winning is fun and drives attendance.

4.       Avoid stupid scandals. To the U’s credit, they’ve been better lately.

5.       Revamp 3M Arena at Mariucci and play on the smaller ice surface. Minnesota loves their new and improved facilities. If you can’t win on the ice, at least this will create a buzz.  

6.       Work with Metro Transit. Parking in and around Dinkytown is a mess. If you have a ticket to the game, bus or train fees should be waived.

7.       More double dips in the winter. A fan should be able to attend both a hockey game and basketball game for the price of one. So simple, any athletic and marketing department should be able to pull it off!

8.       Do whatever needs to be done to sell booze at all venues. And carry Grain Belt BLU at all of them!

9.       Improve the Wi-Fi on campus. The Wi-Fi at TCF Bank Stadium and Williams Arena is awful. Not a fun gameday experience.  

10.   Bring back the Hormel, “Row of Fame”. I’d go to more games just to hear the song!

11.   Everyone should leave a revenue driving sport with a coupon for a free blizzard from Dairy Queen or concrete mixer from Culvers! I’ll go anywhere for free ice cream, even if that means overpaying for a game ticket.

12.   All local bars should offer free food or drinks with your game ticket. Build partnerships!

13.   Perhaps a ticket BOGO? There are plenty of seats available at multiple venues on campus.

14.   Let fans bring in their own food.

15.   Relocate the entire campus to a warmer weather city. 😊


Ross Brendel can be followed on Twitter @brendelross.