Isaac is the owner/operator of Jenson Sales Plus along with his wife Jenna. They have two boys, Henry (4) and Elliott (1) as well as their dog, Rocko. They spend most of their time with family and friends, church and work. In Isaac’s free time he enjoys fishing, hiking, firing up the grill w/ some adult beverages or anything outside. He has also recently starting in the woodworking/furniture making field.



Tim is an elementary school physical education teacher and middle school coach, currently pursuing a Master's degree in educational leadership. He is passionate about health and fitness, and shares that with his students. To stay active himself, Tim plays on softball and basketball leagues, dabbles in yoga, and is in the gym on most days of the week. He enjoys all things related to sports, WWE, movies, music, singing karaoke, and loves to spend time with friends and family.

Marc "TNT" Stone

With a Master’s degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in pissing people off and general snarkiness, also known as Management, Stone brings a high level of knowledge and hot takes to Another Round with Trevor Brown. Stone has been somewhat known to be outspoken and controversial, but always honest. He declares himself to be a self-taught sports genius, and has no problem taking aim at any team that isn’t willing to put everything on the line for a championship. Called a Bandwagon fan by many for his love of the Yankees and 49ers, even though these teams have 1 title between them in the last 16 years, he also celebrates and cheers on the Hawks (no titles since 56), the Devils (no cups since 03), Wild (no cups), Everton (no league titles since 87), Sporting KC and Minnesota United (no cares about MLS titles), Reggina FC (not even close to Serie A in Italian Soccer), McLaren Honda racing (Honda engines blow for F1), and Chip Ganassi racing (Scott Dixon is the man). He also makes his take on the world of politics with his background being a former Poli Sci major and having a Master’s in Public Administration. Stone declares himself to be a Blue Dog Democrat, but calls many of his fellow party members on the far left “soft” and “looney”. He has no problems declaring himself to be more of Moderate than anything. In his free time, he enjoys coaching his 3 boys in sports, cooking (he went to culinary school for 3 years), watching sports, being a cheap wine and craft beer connoisseur, playing his bass guitar (he was a member of a band that did have a small hit in Australia) and driving his wife crazy. Kent Murphy doppelganger, but a total original!


Ross Brendel

Ross Brendel has been on a longtime contributor to Another Round and the Twin Cities sports scene in several different roles. He currently serves as the Promotions Manager for SKOR North and is a SKOR North Gophers contributor. He currently resides in the Twin Cities south metro and enjoys a good bowl of ice cream and hot soup, no matter what season it is.