Since I was a kid, I wanted to chase certain feelings. I was curious how a song could make you feel inspired, or a film could make you laugh or cry. I always had a passion for music and film and for giving my opinions. And I know others have this passion to share their creative visions as well. That is why I created Inherent Dream. Here, dreaming is always allowed, and we encourage others to chase and follow their dreams, no matter how crazy they seem, how old the individual or how massive the dream is. With Inherent Dream, we're going to produce music, write screenplays, poetry and books, take photographs, paint pictures and make full-fledged motion pictures. This is not a five year plan. This is a life plan. And you are invited to join us for this ride and dream along.

Shine on,

Trevor J. Brown

Founder, President and CEO of Inherent Dream