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T’s new album Strawberry drops worldwide on this date…

Inherent Dream Production Company presents Strawberry, an album of music by Trevor J. Brown. Strawberry features ten songs recorded at Inherent Dream Studios in central Minnesota throughout 2018 and 2019 and was written, produced and recorded by Brown himself. Brown plays every instrument on Strawberry and he also wrote all of the lyrics and sang all of the vocals. Drawing on inspiration from a variety of genres and artists, Brown crafted Strawberry with a variety of synthesizers, pianos, guitars and drum machines. Brown stated, " I wanted to make a record with no apologies (also the closing track title), and also have a lot of fun. And I think that comes across on the album. There was no formula. The goal was to make good songs, maybe dance a little and tell some stories." The end result is an album that features a variety of themes and stories, including saying goodbye to old relationships (Passing Fad), finding true love (Fresh Strawberries, 2.10.17), living in Minnesota and embracing the cold weather (Fire Up) and living life with no apologies (Opening Act, No Apologies). Per Brown, "There are two tracks on Strawberry with the theme of analyzing your life and decisions... Opening Act is about questioning yourself and maybe wishing you could go back and do something over but knowing you can't, and eventually coming to termswith that. But with the track No Apologies, it is about embracing those decisions and living your life. It's a song about being confident in your shoes and dancing like no one is watching! It's what the record represents, making the best out of everything in life and living your best life." 


releases June 28, 2019 

An album by Trevor J. Brown 
Written and produced by Trevor J. Brown 
Executively produced by Inherent Dream Production Company 
Mixed and engineered by Dumb Luck 
Recorded at Inherent Dream studios in Elk River, MN 
All instruments and words by Trevor J. Brown 
Cover art and concept by The Tourist! 
Art direction by The Tourist! 
Management, web, booking and publicity by Inherent Dream, with a little help from our friends. 
Trevor wishes to thank the following… my beautiful girlfriend Lindsey, Mom and Dad, Brother Harrison, Isaac and Jenna Jenson and anyone else that has supported me since I started doing this. This one is for you!